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Deep-Rooted History of Alimoglu Marble Company


Alimoglu Marble Granite Co. is a family-owned enterprise which was established by first generation about 70 years ago. In 1940, the company began mining operations in Denizli Travertine Quarry and soon after the first factory was built in Afyon Bacakale to start manufacturing process. Alimoglu had taken advantage of the modern technology for qualified production and the gangsaw machines were imported from Germany. After a while, fast production which modern machines motivated to sign the prestigious projects of the term like ANITKABIR, Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

In 1989, Alimoglu increased the capacity of production to modernize the technological infrastructure by taking over the factory in Izmir which is currently processing and enhanced to export with the advantage of being at a port city. The company accelerated to Project works mainly abroad as well as export directly to wholesalers and retailers and moved towards to be a brand by signing important and successful projects all over the world.